2SC3886A N 1500V 8A 50W

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2SC3886A N 1500V 8A 50W 2SC 3886A N 1500V 8A 50W 2SC4758 2SC3896


2SC 3886A N 12SC3896, 2SC4758
500V 8A 50W 2SC3886A Transistor NPN 1500V 8A 50W 0.1us TOP3 Описание TRANSISTOR, NPN TO-3P
Transistor Polarity:NPN
Collector-to-Emitter Breakdown Voltage:600V
Transistor Case Style:TO-3P
No. of Pins:3
Av Current Ic:8A
Case Style:TO-3P
Current Ic @ Vce Sat:6A
Full Power Rating Temperature:25°C
Isolation voltage:2500V
Lead Spacing:5.45mm
Max Current Ic:8A
Max Current Ic Continuous a:8A
Max Power Dissipation Ptot:50W
Max Voltage Vce Sat:5V
Min Gain Bandwidth ft:8MHz
No. of Transistors:1
Transistor Type:Power High Voltage Switching
Voltage Vcbo:1500V